Cars Feed Structure

To create feed for cars, your car ads must be motor vehicles. If there are non-motorized vehicles please block these ads while creating a feed.

  1. The feed should be utf-8 format. 
  2. Only one ad should put in every <ad><ad/> tag.
  3. After you created feed, you should send us a link like that
  4. We will publish your ads once we recieve a message.

Required fields

  • id : Unique alphanumeriq key
  • url : Ad detail page link
  • content : Content about ad (at least 10 character)

Optional Fields

  • make : Brand of car
  • model : Model of car
  • version : Version or sub-model of car
  • price : Price of car (unit="currency")
  • city : Location of car
  • district : District of car location
  • date : Date when added ad your website  (dd-mm-yyyy)
  • color : Color of car
  • year : Year of car
  • mileage : Mileage of car
  • door : Number of doors
  • fuel : Fuel type of car  (i.e| gasoline| diesel)
  • trasmission : Transmission type of car
  • power : Motor power of vehicle
  • engine_size : Cylinder volume of car (should be cc)
  • body_type : Type of car(Sedan|Coupe)
  • is_new : If only car is new, value is 1
  • pictures : Accessible picture links of car


Feed for cars should be placed like below.



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<id> <![CDATA[...]]></id>
<url> <![CDATA[...]]></url>
<title> <![CDATA[...]]></title>
<content> <![CDATA[...]]></content>
<make> <![CDATA[...]]></make>
<model> <![CDATA[...]]></model>
<version> <![CDATA[...]]></version>
<price unit="currency"><![CDATA[...]]></price>
<city> <![CDATA[...]]></city>
<district> <![CDATA[...]]></district>
<date> <![CDATA[...]]></date>
<color> <![CDATA[...]]></color>
<year> <![CDATA[...]]></year>
<mileage unit="km"><![CDATA[...]]></mileage>
<doors> <![CDATA[...]]></doors>
<fuel> <![CDATA[...]]></fuel>
<transmission> <![CDATA[...]]></transmission>
<engine_size> <![CDATA[...]]></engine_size>
<power> <![CDATA[...]]></power>
<body_type> <![CDATA[...]]></body_type>
<is_new> <![CDATA[...]]></is_new>
<picture> <![CDATA[...]]></picture>
<picture> <![CDATA[...]]></picture>
<picture> <![CDATA[...]]></picture>





There is an example feed below.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<id> <![CDATA[65713471]]></id>
<url> <![CDATA[]]></url>
<title> <![CDATA[2013 hyundai veloster 3d hatchback turbo]]></title>
<content> <![CDATA[brbrthis 2013 veloster is for hyundai enthusiasts looking high and low for that perfect car]]></content>
<make> <![CDATA[hyundai]]></make>
<model> <![CDATA[veloster]]></model>
<version> <![CDATA[1.6]]></version>
<price unit="$"><![CDATA[20948]]></price>
<city> <![CDATA[north carolina]]></city>
<district> <![CDATA[charlotte]]></district>
<date> <![CDATA[01-02-2013]]></date>
<color> <![CDATA[Black]]></color>
<year> <![CDATA[2013]]></year>
<mileage unit="km"><![CDATA[6500]]></mileage>
<doors> <![CDATA[5]]></doors>
<fuel> <![CDATA[gasoline]]></fuel>
<transmission> <![CDATA[automatic]]></transmission>
<engine_size> <![CDATA[1600]]></engine_size>
<power unit="hp"><![CDATA[90]]></power>
<body_type> <![CDATA[Hatchback]]></body_type>
<is_new> <![CDATA[0]]></is_new>
<picture> <![CDATA[]]></picture>
<picture> <![CDATA[]]></picture>
<picture> <![CDATA[]]></picture>


For detailed information you can send an email.

If your XML feed is ready we are happy to launch it and increase your traffic!

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