Real Estate Feed Structure

 To create feed for real estate, your ads must be in Real Estate Category. If there are ads out of this category please block these ads while creating feed.

  1. The feed should be utf-8 format.
  2. Only one ad should put in every <ad><ad/> tag.
  3. After you created feed, you should send us a link like that
  4. We will publish your ads once we recieve a message.

 Required fields

  • id :  unique alphanumeriq key
  • url :  Ad detail page link
  • title : Title of ad
  • content :  Content about ad (at least 10 character)
  • type :  Type of property, rent or sale. (“rent” value for rent, “sale” value for sale property

 Optional Fields

  • property_type :  Property Category
  • by_owner :  Ad by owner (“1” value for owner)
  • price :  Price of property (unit=”currency”)
  • city :  City location of ad
  • district :  District of ad
  • town :   Town/Neigbourhood of ad
  • date :  Date when added ad your website (dd-mm-yyyy)
  • latitude :  Latitude of property
  • longitude :  Longitude of property
  • rooms :  Number of rooms (numeric)
  • bathrooms :  Number of Bathrooms (Numeric)
  • is_new :  If only property is new, value is 1
  • pictures :  Accessible picture links of property 


 Feed for real estate should be placed like below.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<id> <![CDATA[...]]></id>
<url> <![CDATA[...]]></url>
<title> <![CDATA[...]]></title>
<content> <![CDATA[...]]></content>
<type> <![CDATA[...]]></type>
<price unit="$"><![CDATA[...]]></price>
<city> <![CDATA[...]]></city>
<district> <![CDATA[...]]></district>
<town> <![CDATA[...]]></town>
<date> <![CDATA[...]]></date>
<property_type> <![CDATA[...]]></property_type>
<by_owner> <![CDATA[...]]></by_owner>
<latitude> <![CDATA[...]]></latitude>
<longitude> <![CDATA[...]]></longitude>
<rooms> <![CDATA[...]]></rooms>
<bathrooms> <![CDATA[...]]></bathrooms>
<is_new> <![CDATA[...]]></is_new>
<picture> <![CDATA[...]]></picture>
<picture> <![CDATA[...]]></picture>
<picture> <![CDATA[...]]></picture>


 There is an example feed below.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<id> <![CDATA[257471]]></id>
<url> <![CDATA[]]></url>
<title> <![CDATA[1876 Morella Circle, Roseville]]></title>
<content> <![CDATA[pool w built-in basketball hoop. custom kitchen granite,whole]]></content>
<type> <![CDATA[sale]]></type>
<price unit="$"><![CDATA[1455000]]></price>
<city> <![CDATA[California]]></city>
<district> <![CDATA[Alameda]]></district>
<town> <![CDATA[Dublin]]></town>
<date> <![CDATA[01-02-2013]]></date>
<property_type> <![CDATA[Houses]]></property_type>
<by_owner> <![CDATA[0]]></by_owner>
<latitude> <![CDATA[41.084284]]></latitude>
<longitude> <![CDATA[29.050459]]></longitude>
<rooms> <![CDATA[4]]></rooms>
<bathrooms> <![CDATA[2]]></bathrooms>
<is_new> <![CDATA[1]]></is_new>
<picture> <![CDATA[]]></picture>
<picture> <![CDATA[]]></picture>
<picture> <![CDATA[]]></picture>


 For detailed information you can send an email.

If your XML feed is ready we are happy to launch it and increase your traffic!

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